How to use our library

The Foundation has built a collection of material and documents related to European Leather History. In our online library we share articles about items from our collection as well as articles about specific leather history related topics.

Our library includes three types of entries:

How can I find an item in the online library?

All library entries are indexed by country. For items not related to a specific country we use the ‘EU’-tag. You can filter all items in our library by using the country-tags. You can also use the search function of our website.

How can I find material that has not been published online?

Don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail:

  • If you are looking for information about a specific topic not included in our online library
  • If you find an article about a specific item from our collection which has not (entirely) been digitalized and want to obtain a copy or find out more about it

We allow max. 48hrs to respond to collection enquiries via e-mail.

How can I use material from your collection?

Anyone may ask for a copy of an item from our collection. In the past we have contributed to the work of journalists, researchers and media producers as well as community based initiatives (e.g. an exhibition or presentation at a community event). General copyright rules apply to how our material is used.

If unclear from your enquiry, we may ask you to clarify why or how you want to use material from our collection before providing you with a copy.

Do I have to pay you for material from your collection?

No. As a non-profit organization we will never charge you for the material we provide to you, yet we expect you to do the same. Material we provide may never be used commercially.

What is the Partnership Programme?

We work with (lgbt) archives around Europe to index and preserve material related to European leather history and we’ll be happy to point you to local archives or organisations which hold leather history related material in their collection. They will be able to tell you how to use their own archive system and how you may use any material or documents you find in their collection.

Contributing to our library

If you yourself have documents you want to donate to our collection, or know of other resources containing material related to European leather history, feel free to send us an e-mail. Do note that we are a non-profit volunteer-based organisation and can only contribute to transportation costs if needed.

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