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On 25 January 2020, in Milan (Italy), Hexy Joe became Italian Fetishman of the Year 2020. The contest was organised by Leather & Fetish Milano in partnership with Leather Club Roma at Silicone Club.



There were 5 entrants for the title. The evening was hosted by Marco Solimene, Mr. Leather Italy 2015. The judging panel was made up of Stevio Mr. Leather Europe, Thomas Mr. Fetish Finland, Bernard Mr. Leather Belgium, Ayko Mr. Rubber France, Karin Ms. Leather Netherlands, Damien Mr. Evidence Leatherman, Chris board member of Leather Club Roma, Bob board member of Leather and fetish Milano, and Luca president of TIP. Other titleholders had come to the event, such as Tommy Mr. Rubber Switzerland, Andrew Mr. Rubber UK, Oberli Mr. Leather Switzerland, Julian Mr. Leather Hamburg, Angus Mr. Leather Wales, Henry Mr. Puppy Italy, John Mr. Rubber Italy, Cosimo Mr. Leather Italy, and Kevin Mr. Chaps Belgium.



Hexy Joe on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Hexy.joe

Hexy Joe on Twitter: https://twitter.com/hexy_joe

Hexy Joe on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Hexy_joe/

Find out more about the event on Leather & Fetish Milano in partnership with Leather club Roma’s website: https://lfmilano.com/




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