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David Brescia, Mr Leatherman Italy 2011

Saturday, April 7, Davide from Brescia won the Mr Leatherman Italy 2011 contest. The contest was held in Padua and organized by the clubs Leather Friends Italy and LC Roma.

From the official Mr Leatherman Italy 2011 Facebook page:

“Leathermen, leatherboys, friends and supporters gathered from all over Italy and several European countries on Saturday night at Flexo Padova to take part in the election of Mr Leatherman Italy 2011, organized by LFI (Leather Friends Italy) in cooperation with LCR (Leather Club Roma).

There were seven candidates on the list: Agatino from Catania, Alberto from Padova, Danila from Pisa, Davide from Brescia, Michael from Venice, Treviso and Luke Thomas Ferrara.


David, born in Brescia, works as teacher and artist, has an extensive record in working for the leather community and is member of Leather Friends Italy. In his official presentation, the newly chosen ambassador of the Italtian leather community writes:”We are a strong, beautiful and sexy community which I’m proud to be a part of. Loving leather isn’t only about clothing, but about shared values such as friendship, respect and openmindedness, wherever we are, in Padua or in Rome, Berlin or San Francisco.”

You can read the original version in italian of this statement on Davide’s facebook page

Photo credits: Leather Friends Italy

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