Since 2011, the Foundation has started collecting material related to European leather and fetish history.

Collecting and preserving leather history related material is often a challenge due to language barriers (material in different languages), the absence of historical knowledge (seeing the value of historical material) and preservation methods.

Where can I find the Foundation’s collection?

Collected archives and materials are not publicly accesible (as in a museum). We aim to share and feature selected material via our articles-section and offline projects. 

When dealing with inquiries from researchers, students etc. about European fetish history we may provide scanned materials or copies of material included in our collection. 

Our collection includes a.o. 
  • Fetish-related documents, posters, flyers, old magazines, newspaper clippings, correspondence, etc.
  • Personal stories
  • Fetish accessories, memorabilia, club buttons, etc.
  • Private collections at the risk of getting lost

If you would like to donate material.  Get in touch with us!