Help The Foundation!

Why support the Foundation?

The Foundation is a non-profit, volunteer-based organisation. Because of this, it needs help from people like you to function, grow, and fulfil its mission. Donations to the Foundation help us keep European leather history alive, so we can inform and educate new generations about the history of our community.

You can help us in all these ways:

You can donate money

The money that you donate will cover expenses for website hosting, digitization fees, operational costs and specific expenses related to the organisation of leather and fetish history (-related) events.

You can use Paypal via the link below, or a bank transfer to make a one-time or recurring donation.

IBAN: NL84ABNA0512488460

The Foundation
The Netherlands

You can become a (remote) LeatherHistory volunteer

The Foundation exists thanks to the work and support of volunteers from the European leather & fetish community. In the near future, the foundation is expected to need the skills of many volunteers, in various fields related to archiving and reporting.

The foundation’s activities need the help of information collectors, contributors and regional contacts. Becoming a volunteer is easy, most of these roles require no specific location and can be done no matter where you live in Europe!

More information about becoming an author and information for fetish titleholders.

You can send us material

The testimonies of our fetish life and history often disappear, it is our mission to make sure they are preserved for the future. We are interested in safekeeping materials with a story. Think about:

  • Fetish-related documents, posters, flyers, old magazines, newspaper clippings, correspondence, etc.
  • Personal stories
  • Fetish accessories, memorabilia, club buttons, etc.
  • Private collections at the risk of getting lost

Our collection is entirely comprised of donated materials and gifts. The material that you donate will always be linked to the identity of their donor. We will always confer with you about how to include your material in our collection and, if needed, under which terms.

Want to donate material? Let us know!