Swedish film production company Anagram is looking for extras for their Tom of Finland film project. Extras are wanted for recordings in February and March in Gothenburg, Sweden. 

The film about Tom of Finland will portray artist Touko Laaksonen’s life. In post-war Finland homosexuality was classified as a psychiatric illness, weak and feminine. In this negative climate, Laaksonen (1920-1991) created his now world famous homoerotic art. The film has a budget of four and a half million euro and will be english-spoken. Dome Karukoski is directing the film produced by Helsinki Filmi which has secured the rights to use the artist’s works. Over half of the film’s recordings will take place in Sweden.

An extra’s main task is to give life to the background on stage or in a movie. The role of an extra is determined by clothing sizes, availablity, previous experience and personal characteristics. A good extra thinks it is fun to film and can be patient as there sometimes is a long wait between various scenes. However, extras do not need experience in theater or film. – Anagram Väst AB

Those who are interested in becoming an extra are requested to send a description of themselves, clothing sizes, contact details and a recent photo to statist.toni@gmail.com.

Source/Picture Credits: SLM Stockholm / Aftonbladet.se 

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    Tom Val03/02/2016 at 11:55

    Some comments. Dome Karukoski is a Finnish film maker, and the film Tom of FInland will be released 2017, when it is 1oo years anniversy of the independent Finland.
    You can read more about the film

    Tom of Finland – the film

    Dome Karukoski’s film “Tom of Finland” is about how the vision and art of a Finnish man have changed our world. One of the most famous Finnish art brands, Tom of Finland has served as a powerful global inspiration for big names of popular culture and fashion. It is a brand that celebrates every individual’s freedom and right to be one’s own self.

    This visually ambitious, touching and energising film is a time travel story that takes us from post-war Finland to the 1980’s. When the artist Touko Laaksonen first began to draw men, he kept his illustrations in the drawer because homosexuality was still a criminal offence in Finland. His drawings conveyed the image of the healthy, strong and happy gay across the world. This was how he changed people’s preconceptions and had an influence on the identity of numerous men.

    Finland is known as a country of equality. The film, “Tom of Finland”, brings another perspective to the debate around equality and democracy in Finland.


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