BLUF, the club for breeches and leather uniform fans, has recently introduced a profile tag about PrEP to get users discussing and showing support for the new hiv prevention method.

PrEP is a hiv prevention method which involves taking a blue pill (called Truvada) for a set amount of time. If you are hiv-negative and are able to stick to the pill regime, you can protect yourself against an hiv-infection. PrEP works, it has been tested as hiv-prevention method in the US and is already part of the national health plan to reduce hiv-infections.  In Europe, PrEP has been tested via the PROUD-study in the UK and the IPERGAY-study in France. More recent studies in The Netherlands (AMPrEP) and Belgium (Be-PrEP-ared) focus on how PrEP can be made available to people who may benefit from using it. In Europe, France is the first country to make it part of the national strategy against hiv.

Earlier this year, mobile dating apps Scruff and Grindr added a PrEP-tag to profiles. BLUF introduced the PrEP-tag on World Aids Day, though at BLUF the tag is not only to be used by members who are on PrEP already.

The BLUF-webmaster blogs:“The new tag we’ve added to the site simply says ‘PrEP’ – I thought hard about whether it should say ‘taking PrEP’ or ‘on PrEP’ but decided that by just using it on its own, people can use the tag simply to raise awareness, even if they themselves aren’t on PrEP – and in doing that, it will hopefully spark conversations and help more people find out about their options. “

When BLUF-members land on profiles displaying the PrEP-tag they will automatically see a link to information about PrEP in the language they use on the site. Information is currently available in English, French, Dutch and German.

Source: BLUF blog
Picture Credits: concept image by ACON

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