It’s that time of year again when Chicago is swamped with leathermen over Memorial Day Weekend, also known as International Mr Leather (IML) weekend. The 37th edition of the prestigious contest sees five European contestants participating:

Andreas Moore, Bavarian Mr Leather 2015 (Germany)

Kevin Murphy, Mr Leather Ireland 2015 (Ireland)

Arnaud H., Mr Leather Europe 2014 (Europe)

Greg Robinson, Mr Leather UK 2015 (United Kingdom)

Bas Stronks, Mr Hoist 2015 (United Kingdom)

Last year’s winner was Ramien Pierre. The 37th winner will be announced on Sunday, 24th of May.

Earlier on, Daniel Dumont, Secretary of the European Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs (ECMC) was announced as European judge at the contest. European judges have been drafted from ECMC-ranks since 2011, past ECMC-judges include Massimo Fussillo (LC Roma – Italy, 2011), Jaak Evert (LMC Estonia, 2012), Uwe Langer (Spike Hamburg – Germany, 2013) and Andrea Pressi (LF Italia, 2014).

Source:, The Leather Journal 

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