This year’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the European Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs (ECMC) will take place in Amsterdam during the city’s Leather Pride weekend at the end of October. The new host city was chosen after cancellations from Berlin in February and Munich in August. Meanwhile the position of the current ECMC Secretary has been a hot topic of discussion on social media.

February: Berlin Cancellation

The ECMC organizes it’s AGM in a different host city every year. Host cities are selected two years beforehand and are awarded a budget for the organisation of the AGM and annual Mr Leather Europe contest. Originally, Berlin was selected as this year’s host city with leather biker club Biker Ohne Grenzen (BOG) as organizing club. Unfortunately, following the loss of the club president, BOG decided to withdraw itself as organizing club and host city in February 2014. After BOG’s cancellation, other member clubs placed bids and all 48 member clubs were invited to vote for a new host city.

August: Munich Cancellation

In April 2014, it was announced that Munich was selected to host the 40th AGM and the annual Mr Leather Europe contest with MLC Munich as organizing club. Promotion and ticket sales were had been started up when MLC Munich announced in August that it had decided to cancel the organisation of the event. Furthermore, citing difficulties in communicating with the ECMC Secretary, the club also announced it would leave the ECMC.

Click on the image below to read MLC Munich’s statement (english version) or click here to read the statement on the MLC Munich website.

MLC Munich Statement August 2014


Criticism & Discussion 

The decision of MLC Munich and the argumentation for the club’s decision led to a heated discussion on social media. Criticism was not only directed at MLC Munich but also at the current ECMC Secretary, Daniel Dumont. Most part of the discussion took place in member-only Facebook groups though here are some public voices of both criticism and support.


September: Amsterdam New Host City

Following MLC Munich’s cancellation, MS Amsterdam and LC Roma placed bids to organize the 2014 AGM and Mr Leather Europe contest. LC Roma proposed to host the events during its annual ECMC “Catacombs”-event in December while MS Amsterdam proposed to host the events during Amsterdam’s Leather Pride in cooperation with several other local parties selected by the club at the end of October. On the 28th of August, MS Amsterdam announced it was elected as host city. Yet, not all member clubs had voted at that time so the club had to withdraw it’s statement. One day later, on Thursday 29th of August, the ECMC Secretary officially announced Amsterdam as new host city.

End of the Referendum – And the Winner is …

The entire community of ECMC clubs is the true and only Winner of this referendum.

The ECMC clubs have casted their votes and have indicated their preference for the proposal of MS Amsterdam.

MS Amsterdam will organize the next ECMC AGM and Mister Leather Europe 2014 contest from Friday, 24 October until Sunday, 26 October, 2014. All necessary details and practicalities will be published shortly.

I would like to thank MS Amsterdam and LC Roma for their commitment and for the work they have accepted to undertake for the benefit of us all. In a true community spirit, LC Roma has already offered the help of the Roman club to our Amsterdam friends.

This referendum was yet again an exercise of Democracy; the consultation had the purpose of indicating a preference between two proposals, not between two clubs.

Please give me also the chance to remind you that LC Roma will organize its ECMC annual event “Catacombs” between 5th and 7th December, 2014.

Thank you MS Amsterdam; Thank you LC Roma

Yours in Leather Brotherhood

Daniel Dumont
ECMC Secretary

ECMC 40th Anniversary

The European Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs was founded in 1974 by MS Belgium, Loge 70, MSC London, SNC London, V Senses and MS Amsterdam and celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. You can read more about the history of the ECMC in this article from Fabio from LC Roma.

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  • Avatar
    Jeff Wescoboots06/09/2014 at 19:27

    Pity things went as they did, but also that there is some animosity still after the whole procedure. Questions are unanswered and one can hope matters will be solved otherwise fire starts again…

  • Avatar
    Ad Schuring07/09/2014 at 18:42

    Be Nice ?
    Be critical !
    licking ass is nice, but not in a European organisation that needs to survive.
    Been a member of MSR, also sadly demised.
    Love the German fundamentalism in fetishism, and their, maybe too strong, respect for authority.
    but hey: worlds change, and we better laugh about it than clinging to principles that will not survive in the 21st century. Hope the A’dam contest will find new directions.


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