Earlier this year we reported about the independent crowdfunding movie project TOM – The Movie by Finland-based company Special Film. Meanwhile the Tom of Finland Foundation has officially endorsed another film project, by Helsinki Film, and accuses the Special Film project of copyright infringement, which Special Film denies. 

Special Film movie project

Special Film has released a second movie teaser on YouTube on the 11th of September, 2013 and is currently holding a crowdfunding campaign to raise 40.000 euros as budget.

Helsinki Film movie project

Helsinki Film has secured exclusive rights to the entire archives and all images from Tom of Finland. The biopic, presented to the world at this year’s Toronto Film Festival, is the first to be authorized by the Tom of Finland Foundation. The film will be produced by Aleksi Bardy and directed by Dome Karukoski. Filming will start in December 2014 in Finland, Germany and North America.

Find out more about the Helsinki Film movie project on the Tom of Finland Foundation Blog.



Durk Dehner, president of the Tom of Finland Foundation, argues the Special Film movie project is breaching copyright as it uses the name TOM as movie title, which is registered as trademark by the foundation. According to newspaper Helsingin Sanomat Dehner accuses Special Film Company of a lack of respect for the artist:” They use the trademark without permission, the name of Tom, which he often signed his work with. One thing he hated was his work being pirated. We can not let them make a movie.”

Producer Miikka Haley from Special Film says the project will continue, despite the criticism. The first version of the script is ready and plans for next year have been drafted out. Haley says the Tom of Finland Foundation has been invited to an open, good conversation about the issue but states the trademark is not infringed as Tom of Finland was also the name of the artist Tuoku Laaksonen.

Sources: Helsingin Sanomat, Tom of Finland Foundation Blog, Out, Screendaily 

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