Leather club Spike Hamburg celebrates the 40th anniversary of Hamburg’s Ledertreffen with a book release (on sale now!) and an exhibition about the history of the Ledertreffen leather meetings at Boutique Bizarre (Hamburg, Germany). The exhibition will open on Monday, 29th of July at 4pm. On Wednesday 31st of July at 6pm the book “Heisse Kerle – Steife Brise” will be presented with a lecture.

From the publisher’s release (own translation – read the original here):

Heisse Kerle HEISSE KERLE – STEIFE BRISE tells the story of 40 years Ledertreffen with laughter, facts and a lot of smut from three decades of Ledertreffen in Hamburg. In 88 pages, readers can travel back in time to, for example, discover how the very first Hamburg Fucktory leather party ended. Mind you there was also a movie screening and a pool for guests to enjoy… Later on, artists such as Evelyn Künneke and Helen Vita performed at the Farmhouse. All that would be impossible today – even the toughest leather guys would probably run away screaming. Just going out in leather to dance the night away is virtually no longer possible in today’s bars.

Unforgettable are the legendary nights at the Cap San Diego against a breathtaking background of the harbor, which turned the leather parties into a truly unique experience. Vivid descriptions of members of the organizing MSC Hamburg eV or today’s SPIKE Hamburg eV can revive some exciting nights again: starting from organizing and preparing the various activities to the action during the parties and finally cleaning up often indefinable things visitors left behind.

Some texts in the book are imprints of previously published contributions from other books that also deal with the Hamburg leather scene and illustrate the local scene’s evolution. The interview with historical eye-witness Manfred Stavenhagen (named “Lohengrin”) is as amusing as contributions “Kerl am baum” (where a guy was tied to a tree in the public park and was left there) or “Kehrhaus” (about the cleaning after the party).

The article about “The 90s” gives a very impressive insight into the times when AIDS emerged, many club members and friends died from it and how responsible the organizing team handled the whole issue at the leather party. Those who fear books with lots of texts need not worry, the book includes 100 historical pictures. The cover picture is made by Rüdiger Trautsch, as well as all pictures of the posters since 1976. Also included are many of the distintive ‘Motive’ by Martin S. Cool.

“Heisse Kerle – Steife Brise, Das Buch zu 40 Jahren Hamburger Ledertreffen mit Lach- und Sachgeschichten und jeder Menge Schweinereien” is published in paperback (88 pages) by Spike Hamburg e.V. (Hg.).

The book is now on sale for 19 EUR at Buchhandel Männnerschwarm , Mr. Chaps, Boutique Bizarre, Hein und Feite and Schlagzeilen.

From the 31st of July, online orders can be made through Gaybooks.de. A date for sale trough Amazon.com is expected.

Source/Picture Credits: Spike Hamburg / Henning S. / Pinkchannel.net

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