It’s Memorial Day weekend in the US and leathermen from all over the world strike down in Chicago for IML. With the International Mr Leather contest taking place on Sunday, May 27th 2012 at the Hyatt Regency. Europe is represented by three contestants this year: Kilker Alcaraz (Mr Leather UK 2012), “Nick” Hans Leutwyler (German Mr Leather 2012) and David Eger (Bavarian Mr Leather 2012).

Here is a contestant list, compiled by Danny Godbout, Mr Leather Montreal 2011, and leather brothers. The picture above was taken by Mike Pagano, Mr Iowa Leather 2010, while currently volunteering at the event.

Alcaraz, Kilker – Mr. Leather UK 2012
Bi, Sareorn Ian – Mr. Long Beach Leather
Bronson, Matthew – Mid-Atlantic Leather 2012
Canning, Alex – Mr. Leatherman Toronto 2012
Chambers, Andre – Eagle LA Mr. Leather
Chmielowski-Liu, Andy – Mr SECC Leather 2012-
Chmielowski-Liu, Joseph (boy Joe) – Mr. Maryland 2012
Clemons, Sam – Mr. Bluegrass Leather 2012
Cox, Danny – Mr. Tri-State Leather 2011
Collinsworth, Jared – Mr. Twin Cities Leather
Demidont, A.C. – Mr. Eagle NYC 2012
Dunagan, James – Washington State Mr. Leather 2011
Eger, David – Mr Leather – Bavarian Mr. Leather 2012
Faunce, Dave – Mr. Bullet Leather LA
Gruenberger, Jeff – Mr. Northwoods Leather
Hamilton, Peter – Mr. Leather of Color 2012
Hans, Nick – German Mr. Leather 2012
Harley, Derek – Mr. Minniapolis Eagle 2012
Healy, Levi-Otter – Mr. Leather Colorado 2011
Hendrick, Steve – Mr. Code Florida 2012
Jordan, Kevin – Mr. DC Eagle
Kautz, Ron – Mr. 501 Eagle 2012
Kenny, Matt – Mr. Connecticut 2012
Lekinala Harris, Reggie – Mr. Georgia Leather 2012
Loki, Steve – Mr. Phoenix Leather 2012
Messer, Michael – Mr. Exile Leather 2012
Moon, Luke – Laird Leatherman
Morales, Marlon – Mr. LA Leather 2012
Morris, Jeremy – Mr. Iowa Leather 2012
Moser, Ron – Mr. DC Leather 2011
Peixoto Frankie – Mr. Boston Leather 2012
O’Brian, Scott – Mr. Missouri Leather 2012
Olson, Eric – Mr. CMEN 2011
Pettigrew, Robert – M. Cuir Montréal 2012
Prater, Mike – Mr. Midwest Leather
Roberts, Charlie – Oklahoma Mr. Leather
Rodriquez, Evan – Mr. Pistons Leather
Rubio, Miguel – Mr. Bolt Leather 2012
Savvy, Richard –Sydney Mr. Leather 2012
Sims, Gabe – Mr. Texas Leather
Tamez, Danny – Mr. New Jersey Leather 2012
Tarsus – Mr. Oregon State Leather
Todd, Ron – Mr. Ramrod Leather
Vanciel, Jessie – Mr. San Fransisco Leather 2012
Velez, Angel – Mr. Chicago Leather 2012
Wendelborg, Kurt – Mr. San Diego Leather 2011
Wesley, Isaac – Mister Leather Ottawa 2012
Woodruff, Adam – Mr. Michigan Leather 2012
Zane, Michael – Mr. Hayes Valley 2012

Source: Danny Godbout
Picture Credits: Mike Pagano
Links: International Mr Leather

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  • Avatar
    Rubberwilli26/05/2012 at 16:44

    I think this list is in Alpha order and not competition order, though the number might make one think that.

    • Pieter
      Pieter26/05/2012 at 17:13

      You’re right, I’ve fixed it, thanks!

  • Avatar
    Paul Hayes09/07/2012 at 15:22

    still missed me, contestant number 40, Paul Hayes, Mr. Mountain Leather.


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