Jaak Evert, President of LMC Estonia has been appointed as the European judge at this year’s International Mr Leather (IML) contest in Chicago in May. Evert will join Eric Guttierez, current IML and seven American judges (see below) on the jury of IML 2012. The jury members’ names were announced during the Mid-Atlantic Leather (MAL) contest held in Washington, D.C. last Saturday.

In a reaction on Facebook, Daniel Dumont, secretary of the European Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs (ECMC) sees the invitation as a recognition of the ECMC and as proof that the ECMC is regaining its international visibility. He further calls on the European leather & fetish community to stand behind Evert as jury member:

This is the second consecutive year that an ECMC Member Club President is invited to judge this prestigious contest, following Massimo Fusillo, President of LC Roma, in 2011. With this invitation, the IML organizers want to mark their recognition and consideration towards LMC Estonia as the first leather and BDSM organization in Eastern Europe. Indeed, LMC Estonia was founded by Igor Tônurist in 1992, just one year after Estonia gained its independence from the Soviet Union.

This invitation should also be understood as recognition of the ECMC and proof that our confederation is little by little regaining its visibility not only with the IML organization but also internationally. The excellent work and international presence of Eric Guttierez are not at all stranger to the present situation.

Jaak is eager to fulfill this major duty in the name of the ECMC and LMC Estonia. Jaak is fulfilling this duty in the name of our community. Therefore the community must stand behind him (understand what you want).

Apart from Eric Guttierez, IML 2011, and Jaak Evert, the jury consists of Brian Conway (co-owner/producer, Thunder in The Mountain), David Hughes (founding president of NY boys of leather and Mr East Coast Rubber 2005), Richard Hunter (owner of Mr. S Leather) Stephen Blackwell* (Mr LA Leather 2003), Steve Ranger (president of Centaur Motorcycle Club and Mr MAL 2005), Ira Smith (erotic artist and founding member of Leather Masked Ball), Dave Watt (creator of Mr Friendly HIV awareness campaign and Mr Michigan Leather 2009) and Andrea Zanin (erotic author).

As is the tradition, IML 2012 will be held over the US Memorial Day weekend: 25th of May 2012 – 28th of May 2012 in Chicago.

*UPDATE: Due to personal reasons Richard Hunter won’t be on the jury, Stephen Blackwell will replace him.

Source: Daniel Dumont/ECMC via Facebook, picture by Steve Ranger.

(NEW!) External links of interest: ECMC – LMC EstoniaMAL –IML

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