On December 26, 2011, BLUF released a ’12×12 Pledge’, a plea to the leather community to help keep the bars alive.

BLUF-webmaster Nigel writes on the BLUF blog:

Great though big parties can be, there aren’t many bars that can survive on just a few party nights a year, especially when commercial promoters take their cut. They need our support to stay open – otherwise we’ll come out of the recession, to a chorus of people asking “Where are all the leather bars?”

It’s not just the bars that are having a bad time too, of course. Many of us are feeling the pinch; but even so, at this time of year, when many people are thinking about resolutions for the New Year, I’d like to ask people to make a simple pledge, summed up in the graphic below.

We’ve called it the 12×12 pledge, and it’s simple. We don’t want you to prop up the bar every night. Or to make a point of going out every weekend. But we would like to you step away from the PC, and get out in your gear.

We want as many leather and fetish guys as possible to try to make sure that in 2012, they visit their local leather bars, at least twelve times. If enough of us do, perhaps we can make a difference, and make sure that the leather bars we do have aren’t just places for special events from time to time, but somewhere we can meet like minded people, whenever we do feel like going out.

Since its release, the pledge has been featured on several websites and blogs such as Leatherati.com and Dan Savage‘s blog.

For more information and signing the pledge, BLUF has created a Facebook page.

Source: BLUF blog /@BLUFclub.

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