After a good start at the beginning of October – thank you for all the support! – some things didn’t work out as expected, but it isn’t all bad news. A small recap of the past month.

We received some VHS video footage featuring an interview with a leather/erotic artist. Unfortunately, after digitalizing the tape the sound turned out to be drowned out by noise. This means, the tape will have to be digitalized once again – so it will take some more time before you’ll see it on the website.

The inclusion of audio files turned out a little trickier than it seemed. Not so much because of the technical side of things but because of ‘social issues’. It’s one thing to interview someone for three hours about a wide variety of topics, it’s another to post such an interview online unedited. The particular interview contains (unfounded) gossip and some very outspoken personal opinions. It is not the objective of the foundation to spread such info/material of course, so we’re filtering out the best bits which truly are interesting and fit our mission.

Furthermore, some of the files uploaded via the contact form by supporters on the site got lost. And last but not least, we still are dealing with some copyright issues in order to be able to place selected materials online.

As you will have guessed, November will be devoted to all the things we’d liked to have published by now. It’s taking some more time, but we’re sure you’ll like it when we get to publication.

By the way, the contact form on the site was reinstalled and tested again last week. So keep sending us material! Upload it through the contact form, e-mail it to or send it to our physical adress. 

LeatherHistory.EU might take some time to grow, but seeing more and more people find the website as word spreads – we definately had a great starting month.

Pieter Claeys

P.S. I totally forgot to mention we have an appointment with the bank very soon, so if you want to make a financial donation, keep an eye out on the site this month.

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