Recently the clubs cooperating in the LFC Leder & Fetish Community have released a statement on their website concerning the first ever Mr Fetish Germany contest, to be held in October 2011.  Here is the statement, called the Stuttgart Declaration:

In many European countries the leather and fetish scene is represented by titleholders. Such as Mr Leather France, Mr Leather Italy, Mr Baltic Battle or Mr Leather Norway – to name just a few examples. They all have one thing in common: they are elected and supported by a cooperating leather and fetish community in their country. In some countries, the national titleholder is elected from a circle of regional titleholders. Naturally, such a procedure strengthens the acceptance of the representative.

Germany does not have such a title. Sure, whatever the title is called, there are only regional titleholders who have, depending on their personal engagement, more or less acceptance in the scene. One can therefore say – with complete justification – that the German-speaking fetish scene is neither nationally nor internationally appropriately represented. This is where the members of the LFC Leder & Fetisch Community feel urgent action is needed.

The LFC Leder & Fetisch Community is the umbrella organisation of currently 18 clubs from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. These clubs in turn represent approximately 1,000 individual members.

To improve the acceptance of the German fetish scene nationally and internationally, the 18 member clubs of the LFC Leder & Fetish Community have decided to elect the MR FETISH GERMANY for the first time in October 2011. In the national election only the reigning champions whose title is awarded by a member club of LFC can take part. Currently these are: Bavarian Mr. Leather, Mr. Leather Baden-Wuerttemberg, Mr. Leather Hamburg, Mr Fetish Biker and Mr. Fetish NRW.

The clubs expect such an elected representative to have a higher acceptance and support both within the clubs and in the rest of the scene.

In his role as MR FETISH GERMANY, the title holder will represent the German-speaking leather and fetish community as a whole, both internally and towards the outside world.

Biker ohne Grenzen e.V. Berlin
FLC Frankfurter Leder Club e.V.
GAYZONE Stuttgart e.V.
Leder-Club Hamburg (LCH) e.V.
Leder-Club Nord-West e.V. Bremen (LCNW)
Lederclub Stuttgart e.V.
Leathermen Düsseldorf e.V.
Leguan Hannover – Leder und Fetisch e.V.
LMC Vienna, Austria
Loge 70, Schweiz
LUG MANnheim e.V.
MSC Rhein-Main Frankfurt
MSC Rote Erde Dortmund e.V.
Münchner Löwen Club e.V.
Nürnberger Lederclub e.V.
Rheinfetisch e.V. Köln
SPIKE Hamburg e.V.
Thüringer Lederclub e.V. Erfurt

The original version of this message can be found at a.o. LFC’s website (direct link). The FLC Frankfurt has sent out a press release containing some background information:

The decision was already made at the delegates meeting in November 2010. Since then, the preparations are in full swing. This allowed the first sponsors to be found. (…) In February, the LFC member clubs who already had a regional Mister title came together for a first working meeting. Here they laid down the conditions for participating and the election procedure; the final choice will be made by the vote of a jury and the audience. This meeting was attended by representatives of Spike Hamburg, Biker ohne Grenzen (Berlin), MLC Muenchener Loewen Club, Lugman Mannheim and FLC Frankfurt.

After this meeting the spokesman for the LFC said this meeting paved the way for the national title, organised by the LFC Leather & Fetish Community.

The new MR FETISH GERMANY (MFG) will be supported by all LFC member clubs and is modelled after the Mr Leather Europe title awarded by the ECMC during the AGM weekend. The election will take place during the second “Fetish Unity Weekend” in the second half of the year and will be integrated in the Assembly of Delegates of the clubs. This ensures that all clubs are represented at the election. (…) Organizers for the first election are LUGman Mannheim e.v. during the weekend from the 28th to the 30th October 2011.

You can find this press release at the FLC Frankfurt’s website.

Picture credits: LFC Leder & Fetish Community
Translation by: PC for

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