The Dutch Royal Library (Koninklijke Bibliotheek) has added to its list of websites which are currently being included in their national archives for long-term preservation due to their valuable content.

Royal Library

The Royal Library of The Netherlands aims “to keep websites sustainable and keep them accessible for future generations and to protect them from loss due to technological ageing for example”.

The Royal Library notified The Foundation last year about their plans and has been archiving since November 2018. Successive versions of the website are being recorded on a regular basis. Archived versions can be consulted at the building of the Royal Library and will also be made available to the general public via the website of the RB in the future.

Digital heritage

Lucinda Jones, Head of Collections at the Royal Library, writes us: “Websites often contain valuable information that does not appear analogous and that, as a result of the large ‘turnover rate’, has a risk of being lost forever. The fact that websites are worth preserving as ‘digital heritage’ is internationally recognised in the Unesco Charter on the Preservation of Digital Heritage in 2003.”

Recognition for leather history

To have a renowned national institution such as the Dutch Royal Library recognise the value of, our work and the content we produce means the world to us. To us this is a token of recognition, not only for The Foundation but also for Dutch and European leather history in general.

The Foundation feels encouraged to continue to build out the website and the foundation, for and with the European leather & fetish community, over the course of this year and in the long-term.

Interested in contributing to We have drafted plans to include more people in our work and will publish them over the course of the year. So keep an eye on the site, and who knows we might be working together in the future!

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    Jack Fritscher PhD28/02/2019 at 00:06

    Congratulations from us leathermen authors and archivists at the in San Francisco. Well done.


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